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Services and packages

Ayurvedic Initial Consultation: $150/60mins

  • A complete evaluation using both Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine & Western Herbalism diagnostic methods. We will go in-depth to fully determine your treatment plan; including lifestyle tips, dietary guidelines, and herbal recommendations. Initial consultations are available via telephone.

    • Recommended herbs and formulas sold separately  


Follow-up: $75/30mins (recommended 3wks after initial)

  • Follow-ups are key to tracking your progress and ensuring the success of your wellness journey. We will look at the progress of your initial complaint to make any necessary adjustments. During your follow-up, you will be able to address any new questions or concerns you may have. 

    • Follow-ups can be done via telephone.​

Initial Consultation + Follow-up package: $200

  • If you know you want to commit to your protocol and come back for your follow-up, then choose this option to save $25.00!

    • Recommended herbs and formulas sold separately  

Herbal Consultation: $75/45mins

  • A consultation without the dietary guidelines, lifestyle tips, and treatment recommendations. We will still discover your specific body type, dosha, and constitution to determine which herbs will be the most beneficial for you and the condition you present with.

    • Recommended herbs and formulas sold separately  

Consultations are currently closed for new clients.

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